Tue, 27 Oct 2020

Quantitative / Alternative Data Analysis in Finance

With Focus on US Macro Data

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Opfine.com - Who We Are And What We Do

Opfine.com is analytical engine that provides insight to stock markets mainly but also FX and other markets in a different, unique way.

We analyze various publicly or other freely available data sources, like news from various portals , or SEC companies fillings or prices of various assets.

We try to look at the data in unique and novel way, with hope to give an investor more insight to seeing "how things going" and possibly to help them to adjust their own decision in right direction.

As for now we analyze these data sources/categories

  • Sentiment - financial news analysis with focus mainly to US macro
  • Cash Flow and Insiders Trading - using SEC fillings to see how Dow Jones Cash Flow and overall insiders trading might affect the market
  • Quantitative - using intraday and daily prices and also fundamentals data we look at it in somehow different way - not trying to create killer crystal ball but rather more deeper view of market movements
  • Others - some other , usually in earlier development stages categories and FX or Yields data in respect to US macro behaviour.

If you have any queries, feel free to write to us.